Investing time on a personal project will make you a better developer

Fabiano Augusto
Fabiano Augusto
Sep 11, 2019 - Web
Investing time on a personal project will make you a better developer

Investing time on a personal project will make you a better developer

Today our point is personal projects. Every coder has tons of plans, and ideas, or at least had them in the beginning of the career. However, very few of them make them turn into a real product.

There are many reasons for that. Let me point you some. First, most of coders still have daily jobs. After a whole day looking at the screen, the least thing you want is to be programing at home. Even freelancers are loaded with client tasks, and need the money coming in fast.

Empty Canvas

The other reason is that most of us use any free time to learn new languages or master the one we already know.

Many of coders forget that a personal project can elevate our game more than any fancy course out there. All this precious time that you invest in your app will return somewhere along your career.

It might not be quick cash, or a very successful product. However, there is no better canvas to be creative and audacious than a personal project. The power of freedom can lead you to great accomplishments. You don't have to pull any features, neither care if the code looks ugly. You can also try that framework you have always wanted, with no consequences.

Have Fun

Having fun is essential; otherwise, you will not be spending your fee time on the project. So, before choosing what project is going to be developed, consider how enjoyable your journey will be.

Remember that is still a project, and will take planning and some hours of your precious time. The best way to get it going is to set personal goals that you can easily manage.

Don't Stress

Even if you have a problem that ends up causing a roadblock you still learned something along the way. In those cases, you have to ask yourself some questions. Do I have the money and free time that it will take to fix the issue?

Is it more productive to start something new or do a more rewarding task on my free time?

Well, that question, only you can answer. See you next time.