Pros and cons of being a freelancer developer

Fabiano Augusto
Fabiano Augusto
Sep 05, 2019 - Web
Pros and cons of being a freelancer developer

Pros and cons of being a freelancer developer

Hello coders. Once again, we have some views on being a freelance developer. Today we are going to talk about the profession itself.

Going solo can be daunting, especially if you have a stable work for several years in a big agency. However, you can weight in many pros, most of them related to freedom and earnings.

On the other side, going solo can be a temptation. Many developers imagine that will be coding all day at a beachfront porch having martinis. You might get to that point, but before, you have to manage the new responsibilities that come with freedom.

Let's check some point that can be useful before you make your decision.

The Pros and Cons of Freelancing as a Programmer


Pros of begin a freelancer developer

  • Money. You can make much more money going solo. Nevertheless, that's not easy, and probably won't happen right after you quit your daily job. We have a post teaching how to brand yourself as a freelancer, click HERE to read it.
  • Remote Work Rules. Freedom is something that can make your production higher, and still enjoy some free time during weekdays.
  • Travel. You can work from anywhere you want or need, even during your vacations.
  • Being your own business, some decisions are way easier to make.
  • Making your own choices. This is big when we talk about coding. You don't have to do your boss's way, even if you know a faster and more elegant path to integrate something into the app.
  • Focus on your real talent. Now you can focus on your favorite top programing languages and the projects that match your skills.


Cons of begin a freelancer developer

  • You are the boss, but also all the employees. Forget all amenities you had is your last daily job. That designer next desk is gone; nobody will do the taxes for you, neither answer that mad client call at 1 am.
  • Up and Downs. This might be a crazy good month, which you make tons of money, but in the next one things can slow down a bit. This can be hard if you have house or car payments, or even to take care of all your bills.
  • Non-paying clients. Yes, you can end up not getting paid after a gig. Big agencies have a legal team, and are able to build solid contracts. You might have to act as a debt collector as well.
  • No benefits. That's a pretty big one. No paid vacations, or whatever benefit you country or company used to assure you.

That's all guys, as you just saw. There is more pros than cons in our opinion, but like Jay z once said, you can't stop the hustle.