Top programming skills

Fabiano Augusto
Fabiano Augusto
Aug 28, 2019 - Web
Top programming skills

Top Programming Skills companies want from a freelancer developer in 2019

Hey guys, we have more tips to help your freelance career in this new post. Let's talk about skills.

Combo of hardware & software

All progress in technology comes from the combination of hardware & software. Therefore, all professionals have to keep up with the industry evolution. Top programming languages are the heart of the modern & emerging technologies that come up every single day.

Nowadays, more than 50 languages are in use. The bearly impossible task to learn all of them can be useless. In 2019, knowing a bunch of languages is not enough if you cannot master an integrated approach.

Assimilate and integrate

The modern coder has to assimilate and integrate modern technologies into their projects. No matter how many programming languages you know, they can be useless if you are not aware of the interrelationship between modernization and high demand of the computer software.

If you are working hard to become a promising well-paid developer, you should master between 2 and 3 top programming languages. Of course, the more diversified you are more projects you will be able to complete.

It is always better to master a couple or more languages, instead of having a hand full of beginner skills.

It's impossible to be precise appointing wich language is going to generate more income. That depends on every coder: his or her skills, work ethic and professional goals.

Looking at some metrics and researches, we found some numbers that can clear your mind.

What is the most profitable language?

The StackOverflow Developer Survey 2019 show the highest paid languages this year. Remember, knowing the language doesn't mean you are getting paid big bucks if you can use it, and integrate it, properly. Here are the top ten, in order form highest to lowest income.

Clojure, F#, Go, Scala, Elixir, Ruby, WebAssembly, Rust, Erlang and Bash/Shell/PowerShell.

Another list comes from the analysis of developer activity on GitHub, those numbers were taken from GitHut 2.0 results for Q1 2019. Check the top ten in order.

JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, C++, Ruby, PHP, TypeScript, #C and C.

A third way to measure the most sought languages is using the most popular search engine in the world. Google search trends from June 2018 to May 2019 shows the top 10 most popular programming languages.

JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, Elixir, Ruby, Kotlin, TypeScript, Scala and Clojure. Nest time we are going to talk about our favorite languages, and a little review of every single one of the list.