Build a Library web app with Vue


The course uses the Vue scaffold to create the initial application and then we deploy it in the cloud. After we explain the basics of Javascript, Vue JS, Vue Router, Vuex, Express JS, Sequelize (SQL) and Mongoose (MongoDB), and finally, how the application is customized to attend all the Library needs.


Demo App
Generating the base application


Basics - Introduction
Basics - NodeJS and Javascript
Basics - Vue
Basics - Vue Router
Basics - Element UI
Basics - Vuex
Basics - ExpressJS
Basics - SQL and Sequelize
Basics - MongoDB and Mongoose




I18n and Configs
Images and Menu Icon
Librarian and Member Roles
Home Page redirect to Loans
Book Listing Customizations
Loan Listing Customizations
Add Loan Period in Days to Settings
Members can only see their Loans
Improve the Book Label
Calculate the Due Date
Loan Status
Different forms for creating and editing Loans
Book Status
Book Stock
Book and Loan Import
Sending Reminder Emails