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Modeling Tool
Modeling ToolModeling Tool

Model the application exactly how you need it, with custom entities, relationships, fields and validations .

The Source Code Is Yours
The Source Code Is YoursThe Source Code Is Yours

ScaffoldHub generates the source code for you to download. Meaning that you can extend it as you like. Once you download it, you don't need ScaffoldHub anymore.

Full-stack Application
Full-stack ApplicationFull-stack Application

The generated application is a complete full-stack application. You can choose between React, Vue and Angular. For the NodeJS back-end you can choose between SQL MongoDB or Firebase Firestore.

Multiple Themes
Multiple ThemesMultiple Themes

You have multiple themes and front-end UI frameworks to choose from.

Full Authentication
Full AuthenticationFull Authentication

The generated application has full authentication built-in. You can choose between a hosted technology as Firebase Auth or a simple JWT token.

Users, Roles and Permissions
Users, Roles and PermissionsUsers, Roles and Permissions

You can manage the users, give them roles and permissions that can restrict or allow them to see or edit certain pages.

Audit Logs
Audit LogsAudit Logs

Every action is logged, and you can inspect it at the Audit Logs page.

Lists, Filters, Import and Export
Lists, Filters, Import and ExportLists, Filters, Import and Export

For every entity that you model, ScaffoldHub generates a listing page with filters, import, and data export.

Forms with Uploads
Forms with UploadsForms with Uploads

For every entity that you model, ScaffoldHub generates a form page that can contain a variety of field types, including file and image upload.

Internationalization (I18n)
Internationalization (I18n)Internationalization (I18n)

You can easily add your language to the app adding only one i18n file. English and Portuguese are built-in.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile FriendlyMobile Friendly

You can use the generated app on the computer or mobile. All generated apps are mobile-friendly.

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