Your next web application
generated in minutes

Why to use ScaffoldHub?

With ScaffoldHub you can save weeks of development on your next javascript project.
ScaffoldHub is the online web app generator that doesn't bind you.
You generate the application code, download it, and are free to extend and deploy it wherever you want.
It's as if you've hired a senior web developer to create a clean and organized code using only popular libraries.

How it works?

1 - You select a front-end framework - React, Vue or Angular.
2 - You select a database - SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore.
3 - You read the documentation and watch the video tutorials.
4 - You define the entities, relationships, fields and validations with an online and visual tool.
5 - You preview the generated application that has Authorization, Users and Roles, Audit Logs, Internationalization (I18n), CRUDs, Import/Export of the data, File/Image Upload, Themes and much more...
6 - You download the code and it's yours!

Over applications generated so far